Fuck yeah Fiona Glenanne
Hey! My name's Nikki and I absolutely adore Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice! So this is a blog completely dedicated to the most bad-ass chick I know.
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As usual, the best man for the job is a woman.

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'Grand theft auto' is my middle name

6.08 | Unchained

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Anonymous asked:
Oooh, do you have a gif from the scene in Breach of Faith where she has the hostage in the back of her car and angrily tells him to move over because he's laying on her C-4? I love that scene! XD

 i dont have it i’ll have to make it…i’ll see what i can do! :P

Anonymous asked:
Do you have screencaps/gifs of the one where Fiona has the thug bound and gagged in her trunk?

uh sorry which episode are you talking about?? cos she bounds and gags a lot of people :P

Anonymous asked:
I have so much love for this tumblr! <3

thank you!!! 

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Fiona Glenanne + blue (asked by when-youre-a-supernatural-spy)

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